13 'hoarder cats' now up for adoption

WINCHESTER, Ore. -- Saving Grace officials say that they are now adopting out the cats that were confiscated in a hoarding case in September.

Of the 68 cats taken to the shelter, 13 are now available for adoption.

Though some have found new homes, officials say that not every cat made it. Wendy Kang, the Executive Director of the facility, says that unfortunately, they had some that just couldn't be adopted. "Animals that are not made available for adoption are humanely euthanized," she said. "For ones that are very sick or are simply very unsocial, it is the most humane thing to do."

Kang says that, including the cats that were confiscated, they had 300 new felines dropped off at the shelter in September.

With only a few dozen getting adopted, Kang says that meant that some cats had to be put down. "We receive far more cats and kittens than we are able to adopt at, and at some point, that decision simply has to be made," Kang said. "During the height of kitten season, it is possible that we could receive 400-500 cats in a month."

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She did point out that there is a way that you can help. "Spay and neuter is the best thing that people can do, encourage others to spay and neuter," she said.

Kang says that the shelter received overwhelming support from the community with donations of food and cleaning supplies, but what Saving Grace needs now is for people to take the adoptable cats home.