The man, the myth, the legend: Sam Elliott

(Image: Seattle Refined)

That smooth voice and signature 'stache are unmistakable - and have made Sam Elliott a fixture in Hollywood for almost 40 years.

He's starred in dozens of films, including "Roadhouse", "Mask", and "The Big Lebowski" - just to name a few.

But his next film may be the biggest one to date. In fact, it already has Oscar buzz.

The movie is called "The Hero" starring Sam Elliott as an aging Western icon dealing with cancer, a fading career, lost relationship with his daughter and former wife (played by his real wife Katharine Ross, btw) and the excitement of a new love interest in some ways, the movie parallels his actual life.

"There are some obvious [different] things - the incredible amount of drug use is a bit much," said Elliott. "[But] my wife and I are still happily married after 39 years, and I love my daughter more than anything. There's a couple of things; the cancer diagnosis - that are fictitious but other than that there are some things that I can definitely identify with."

Brett Haley directed the film, and it's not the first time these two have worked together - and won't be the last. Both call this film the opportunity of a lifetime.

"I just wanted to see 90 minutes of Sam Elliot, that's selfishly that's why wrote the film," laughed Haley. "I just love seeing his mug up there."

Elliott is literally on every single page of the script.

"It was exciting! Like I said, no one has ever written a script for me," he said. "It was a lot of fun. I don't think it was all that difficult because I understood this character from the get-go."

In his career he's worked with a ton of leading ladies; so we HAD to ask him for his favorites.

"I have to start with my wife," said Elliott. "I loved working with Cher. I loved working with Lily Tomlin, Blythe Danner, Jane Fonda. It's a long list."

Besides his incredible list of leading ladies (including Laura Prepon in 'The Hero'), there's that iconic voice that will melt you - but this 72-year old actor is also known for his mustache, that Hall of Fame facial hair.

"Somebody one time showed me a contest with me and Selleck voting on the mustache," said Elliott. "I won hands-down."

Darn straight.

Elliott is hoping to cash in on the stache with an Oscar-nomination for "The Hero", and sure enough there is already some buzz. For now, it's all about keeping it real on screen.

"It's just a matter of being honest," he said. "I like to think that I'm honest with my work."

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