NW superstars Macklemore, Ryan Lewis: Taking over the world?

SEATTLE - The Northwest's newest music superstars continue to take over the world as Macklemore and Ryan Lewis hit several new highs.

The Seattle natives are going global.

The rest of the world first saw Macklemore and Ryan Lewis in a video at a thrift shop, but their sound was brand new.

And now the latest stop on their career explosion was Good Morning America on Friday.

"Twelve months ago we were in the process of finishing the album and had no idea anybody in America would even like the music we were about to put out," says Macklemore.

One half of the popular rap duo is now gracing the cover of Rolling Stone. They will also appear as performers and nominees on MTV's Video Music Awards.

"It feels crazy, we would never guessed it," Ryan Lewis says. "To perform on the VMAs is a privilege, so we are very very excited."

And on Friday they found out a third show at Madison Square Garden was just added to their world tour.

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis will be performing 'Same Love' at the VMAs.

It was that song supporting gay marriage that inspired a woman to propose to her girlfriend on stage Friday.

"It's a profoundly moving song, coming from someone who is straight but supports equal rights to marry," said Valerie Dallas.

Despite being wanted around the world, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are not about to forget where they came from - the Pacific Northwest with its musical rock history and stars like Jimi Hendrix and Pearl Jam.

Coming up in December, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis will wrap up their world tour here in Seattle at Key Arena.