$7.3 million mystery: Lottery winner yet to come forward

UNION GAP, Wash. -- Larry Broderson was hoping he was the lucky one.

"I came down during my lunch hour to check my lotto tickets," he said. "Somebody's happy; I'm going back to work."

Have you checked your lotto ticket? If you bought one in Union Gap for last Saturday's drawing, you want to.

Someone out there is holding onto a piece of paper worth $7.3 million.

"That's just a lot of money. That's a lot of money. They're lucky whoever claims it," said Dave Morehead.

"Well, I've got to figure out who that is, they'd become one of my best friends," said Chuck Grimm.

Right now, everything else about it is a mystery. The winner hasn't contacted the Lottery office to claim the cash.

Until that happens, not even the 10 stores in Union Gap that sell Lotto tickets will know if they sold the winning ticket.

"We don't know, I'm hoping we do, but I don't know. It's the not knowing that's driving me crazy," said Rainier Place manager, Rosa Mullen.

And, the stores have a stake in it, too. The one that sold the winner gets a cut, about $73,000.

Lottery officials say it's not unusual for a big winner not to come forward right away. Some people take their time to get legal or financial advice.

"They could pay off their house, they could buy their kid's vacations forever, their college, anything, I think it's awesome," said C.J. Hunt

Someone out there has an awesome payday waiting. He or she has until February to collect.

In case you have a ticket and haven't checked the numbers, the winning combination is 07-08-16-21-31-32.