Ways to avoid those pesky bank overdraft fees

No one likes to pay overdraft fees, and yet the average American spends $225 in overdraft charges each year, according a report released this week by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

One way to avoid these needless fees it to link your checking account to a savings account that can be used to cover any overdraws.

This service might not be free, but it's probably a lot cheaper than the standard $30 overdraft charge.

Another option: always keep a cushion of $100 or more in your checking account. According to the money experts at, most overdraws are for small amounts, often $20 or less.

Some people have a hard time keeping track of their balance because of automatic bill pay. In that case, go back to a manual system that lets you approve each payment.

Should you do get dinged for an overdraft, get that money into your account as soon as possible. Some financial institutions charge you once for the overdraft and then again in few days if your still have a negative balance.

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