Watch out for carpet cleaning bait and switch

It's important to clean your carpets - they look better and last longer.

Everyone wants to save money, but if you hire someone to do the job, make sure you go with a reputable company that knows what it's doing and will guarantee its work.

"When you see those commercials or you have those flyers for what seems like a too good to be true offer to get your carpets cleaned, it's probably too good to be true," says Cheryl Reed with Angie's List.

Reed says it could be a bait and switch.

"They'll come into your house and they'll say, 'OH yeh, we can clean your carpet but if you really want it be deep cleaned,' which means cleaned well, 'then you have to pay more.' And that can really add to your bill.

"And often what happens is consumers will have somebody in their home, they're already there, they have what looks like good equipment and they just agree to pay the money because they've gone to the trouble to take the time off from work or what have you."

Remember, if the carpet cleaner doesn't follow the manufacturer's cleaning recommendations, it could void the warranty.

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