Turbo Snake: Does it work?

The Turbo Snake is a flexible, coated wire with a velcro-like tip that's supposed to grab all the hair- and whatever else is causing the clog in your bathroom drain. For about $6, you get 2 snakes- one for the bathroom sink, and one for the shower and tub.

The commercial says: "Simply slide the Turbo Snake down the drain, then just give it a twirl, and the Turbo Snake grabs the clog and frees the drain. It's that easy!"

In my attempt to clear a slow-draining sink, the Turbo Snake slid easily down the drain and when I extracted it, I pulled up a gross clump of hair, toothpaste and shaving cream residue, and who knows what. A second dip produced even more hair and gunk. And with dip number three, I think I hit the mother load.

For the final test, I turned on the faucet to wash my hands watch the water go down. Sure enough, the previously sluggish drain was draining freely. I had to go in three times to snake out all the crud- so I wouldn't exactly call it "instant," but it worked. You can find Turbo Snake at most stores that carry As Seen On TV products.

Keep in mind, the Turbo Snake is only intended for bathroom sinks, tubs and showers- and only for hair clogs. If your clog is caused by something more than that, you'll need to get under the sink and open the pipe, or call in a professional that you've check out ahead of time.

As I've shown you in prevous reports, you can't judge quality, service or reliabilityof any contractor based simply on advertising or internet marketing. So the best time to find a good plumber- is before you need one.