Take your cat for a walk

You take your dog for a walk. Did you ever think of taking your cat?

If you have a cat with the right personality, it can be fun for both of you - and great exercise, too.

"Taking a walk with your cat is a really great way for them to be able to explore and to be able to go outside safely and not have to run into traffic or meet other cats or dogs or have all of those other dangers," said Mikkel Becker, an animal trainer with "It's more under their own control, but you're there to supervise."

Believe it or not, you can train a cat to walk on leash. Start your training in the house.

"You can give them some little treats or get a feather toy next to you, so you can lure them next to you while you're walking," Becker told me. "They'll learn that they can walk right next to their person. And once you get really good inside, you can take that outside."

Remember to keep an eye out for dogs while you're on your walk.

"Practice with your cat, being able to lift them up and then put them back down," Becker suggested. "That way, if you do see a dog, you can easily scoop up your cat, turn and walk away and as the dog passes you can put your cat back down."

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