Sunny Seat pet bed: Does it work?

Pet lovers are known to spend thousands of dollars keeping their best friends happy. So how about a $20 window seat for cats that sticks to the window with suction cups?

We put the "Sunny Seat" cat bed to the test with the help of 2 and a half year old Alabaster, who loves sitting in virtually every window of the house and watching the world go by.

"He loves to sit in the window," said owner Jen Austin. "But he sits on my antique couch, that was my grandmother's. And he's ruining it!"

According to the commercial: "The Sunny Seat cat bed allows your cats to nap or keep busy and stay up high! Enjoying active stimulation and play while staying off your furniture!"

The light-weight, tubular frame slides into a canvass-like cover. Jen note's there's no way to secure the flap on the cover, it just folds over the frame. You must start with a clean window, then use the suction cups to mount the seat to the window.

Jen places Alabaster on the sofa next to the Sunny Seat, which is mounted on the living room window, about a foot above the back of the sofa. He takes notice, then pretty much ignores it. Unable to coax the 13 pound cat to jump up on the seat, she hoists him up. Alabaster is curious. But after about a minute of investigating, he jumps off.

Jen repeatedly gets the same results. Alabaster would stand, sit, investigate, then scatter. Jen thinks a big part of the problem is the rigid texture of the frame cover- and the fact that the flap on the cover is not fastened.

"It sort of has a lot of give," said Jen. "I don't think he feels very secure."

Jen and her family added a comfy blanket and, over the next 4 days, Alabaster loved it. She says he vegged out on the seat for hours.

"With the blanket he really liked it. But he wouldn't get up on it on his own," she said.

Jen says Alabaster already has his choice of window sills to jump on, so the Sunny Seat may not be enough motivation to change his habits. She says the sunny seat might be more enticing to cats with no other places to perch.

We also tested another claim in the commercial hype- that Sunny Seat can hold up to 50 pounds. The commercial tried it with bricks. We tried it with sand bags. Sure enough, it worked.

On a scale of 1 to 4, Jen gives Sunny Seat 3 and a half stars -- provided you add a cushion -- based on the 4 days she tested it with Alabaster. Although where Alabaster's concerned, without a human to help, the jury's still out.