Stowing a carry-on bag? It'll cost you $35

EUGENE, Ore. - As fees keep soaring for checked luggage, one airline is going to start charging for what passengers bring on the plane, too.

Allegiant Air, with service to and from the Eugene Airport, plans to start charging passengers for carry-on bags that are placed in the overhead bin.

Starting Wednesday, April 4, Allegiant Air will start charging travelers $35 for carry-on bags that need to be stowed.

Passengers can still carry-on smaller begins such as purses and briefcases and still not be charged.

The new charge has taken many passengers at the Eugene Airport by surprise.

Ethan Patterson is a dedicated passenger of Allegiant Air who flies from Las Vegas to Eugene at least once or twice a year.

Patterson said he has always been a fan of Allegiant Air's low prices.

"It was a pretty cheap price, nothing I couldn't afford," Patterson said.

But he is not too thrilled about now having to for the carry-on bag he brings every trip.

"I don't necessarily like it because it just costs me more money," Patterson said.

Passenger Rhonda Potter said the new charge won't keep her from flying on Allegiant Air.

"Just as long as they are competitive and their ticket prices are still a little bit lower," Potter said. "From Eugene to Vegas, I don't think you can do any better."

Patterson said for him it is all about the overall price. The passenger said if it is still cheaper on Allegiant, that's the way he will fly.

"As long as it's cheaper than the other airlines," Patterson said.

While the new policy for carry-on charges takes effect on Wednesday, passengers that make reservations before Wednesday will not be charged for their carry-on luggage.