Lifestyle change key to treatment of headaches in kids

Many of us live life in the fast lane, and that can create a lot of stress both at work and a home. So, it's not surprising that every now and again this pressure results in the pounding pain of a headache.

Normally, we don't think about kids getting headaches. But they do. And the latest research shows they're rather common.

"Ten percent of children suffer from migraine headaches. Probably a higher percentage suffers from tension-type headaches. Fortunately, most of these children will have infrequent headaches."

Dr. Kenneth Mack is a pediatric neurologist at Mayo Clinic.

While the pressures may be different, there are factors in a child's environment that can make headaches more frequent, he says.

"I think review of the typical environmental triggers, such as sleep and busy schedule and missing meals are very important in trying to understand what precipitates or brings on a headache."

A child's headache can usually be treated with over-the-counter pain medications, but lifestyle changes that prevent them is always the preferred way to go.

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