Kids in college? Check your insurance policy

There's a lot to think about when your son or daughter heads off to college.

Have you checked to make sure you have enough insurance to cover all the things your student has at school - including the computer, TV, music system, expensive sports equipment, and furniture?

Your homeowners or renters policy does cover your child's possessions when they're at school. But, as Karl Newman at the Northwest Insurance Council reminds us, it may not cover everything.

"Items of high value, like jewelry, have a limit in the policy. You may want to encourage your student to leave that kind of thing at home. Or be sure that you have what's called a floater or endorsement on the policy to provide extra protection for those things of high value," says Newman.

Students who live off-campus may not be covered by their parent's policy. Better find out.

It's important to have an inventory of all the things your child takes to school in case there's a fire or burglary.

If your son or daughter is more than 100 miles away and not driving a family car at school, you may be able to get a discount on your auto insurance.

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