Experts expect big deals for electronics on Black Friday

Black Friday is still more than a month away but we already have the first predictions about what sort of super sales you might find., a site that track deals year-round, says they expect many popular electronic items to be at their lowest prices ever during the period from mid-November to Cyber Monday.

And they say this is not bargain bin merchandise, but some of the hottest items around.

Among those items are big screen TVs. Dealnews predicts many stores will use 47-inch sets as a door-buster item this year, and that you'll be able to find some from third-tier manufacturers for a round $299.

Apple products go on sale around Black Friday and Dealnews believes third-party resellers will once again beat Apple's deals, with discounts of up to 25 percent. That would mean a new iPad (16GB with WiFi) for about $499 or an iPad 2 (16GB with WiFi) for $299.

Black Friday is also the time to snag some super deals on video games. Games released early in the year could be slashed to $15 -- that's 75 percent off the retail price. Some of the hot new titles just released in October should be marked down 50 percent on Thanksgiving weekend.

And don't forget, Black Friday also means deals on clothing. Dealnews expects some of the best coupons offers of the year which can be used to buy merchandise already on sale. This is a great way to get a big discount on cold weather gear before the after-season clearance sales.

Toy stores slash prices on Black Friday with discounts of as much as 50 percent on some of the most popular toys and games. But you'll probably see better deals later in mid-December on what's left. Dealnews found that the sale prices on Thanksgiving last year were often better than those on Black Friday itself.

Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal said Monday that Black Friday "isn't the best day to shop for price deals." After crunching the numbers, the Journal found that Black Friday deals "may be the best time to find incredibly deep discounts on some select items," but not on most of the typical holiday gifts.
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