Clothing line: Are you a 'Gorilla?'

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- Two Roseburg women have launched a clothing line in hopes of letting other women know that it's OK to be strong.

'Gorillas' have been popping up all over Roseburg.

In March, Sheila Neilsen and Stacie Shepherd Hanna decided to start an athletic clothing company, and the name Lady Gorilla seemed like a natural fit. "We found Gorilla, which is kind of a slang term for an athlete," Stacie said. "Because it normally has a really masculine feel with it, we just wanted to fem it up a bit and said, 'How about Lady Gorilla?'"

In just a few short months, the line has exploded.

Not only can you see the gear in Douglas County, but the women say they've sold clothing in Nebraska, Washington, Hawaii and many other states.

Sheila and Stacie say they want women to know that it's OK to be strong. "Female athletes often get a negative connotation, and we want women to be proud of themselves," Sheila said.

The two say the clothing isn't just for athletes, because strength doesn't end when you leave the gym.

Stacie says it is all about how you look at yourself. "Whatever makes you a gorilla: being strong and working out, being a mother and taking care of your kids, being a business woman, and you know, whatever it is, just be proud of it and be strong," she said.

You can check out the clothing line at their Web site.