Best things to buy in April

From home accessories to footwear, the month of April is packed with all sorts of opportunities to save money. Here are some of the best buys this month, according to retail experts at and

By April, clothing retailers are stocking up on the hot new styles and colors for June and July. Making room for summer clothing means discounts on the remaining Spring apparel- which can often be worn well into Fall.

Experts say another good April buy is jewelry, because of that big event coming up in May. Jewelry is a big seller for Mother's Day. Then come June graduations -- another popular time for buying bling. Experts say take advantage of jewelry coupons and discounts in April because by May, as prices at many stores will start creeping up with the demand.

April is one of the best times to buy a vacuum cleaner. As manufacturers prepare to release new models, you can really clean up on models from last year. And you might want to stock up on cleaning supplies this month. April means Spring. Spring means Spring cleaning. Throughout the month, look for all sorts of price reductions on the things you need to clean your home.

Other best buys for April include cookware, kitchen accessories, and dorm essentials- all traditionally discounted for the graduation and wedding season. Many athletic shoes are marked down to clear inventory, as well as to promote an array of charity walks held during the Spring and Summer.

Spring motivates many consumers to fix up around the house, so retailers also promote sales for various home improvement products. And while some of the deepest discounts won't come until after summer, many retailers are currently discounting selected items of outdoor furniture and patio accessories.

Experts say also look for good deals on travel, especially for cruises. Prices are decidedly down from this time last year, after a string of highly-publicized cruise emergencies. Many cruise lines are offering deep discounts to get people back on the ships.